Wendy-Sue Andrew

I recently heard that the funding for the Friday music program has been cut. My son Corbin attends the Friday music and it is a highlight of his week. Corbin is a cheerful, talkative energetic young man with energy to spare. One of his greatest loves is music, especially live music, played by a real band. Unlike other 25 year olds Corbin is not able to independently make plans to see a band at a pub downtown, he is not able to independently phone a friend, hop in a car or on a bus, and enjoy live music with his peers. Except at Namaste on Friday mornings. There friends gather, jump, wheel, sing, join the band on stage, and have a really good time! Corbin tells me about the songs they sing, the people he sees, and the crazy fun of Friday music.

I have seen the people arriving in the parking lot for music. There must be close to 100 happy singing excited people there each week. I do not know that I have seen such a worthwhile leveraging of so few dollars.

Thanks for your commitment to continuing the joy on Friday mornings through the Namaste music. You can count on Corbin and I to help out in any way we can.